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Fire Alarm Service:  


    • Central Station Monitoring
    • Wireless Monitoring
    • New installations
    • Compliance with regulations
    • 100% Functional test and inspections
    • Assist in reducing risk
    • Implementation of new technology
    • Service agreement
    • Maintenance
    • Fire comunications
    • Service by trained and experienced staff
    • Residencial/Commercial Services


Get Fire and Security protection from a source that you can trust...

We provide to our customers with one source for all of their fire alarm, electrical, security needs. We provide service on a wide range of systems. With Altech Alarm & Data Inc. as your single-source provider, you can achieve greater efficiencies by our quality service in alarms, access,  fire monitoring, systems inspections and more. Protect your associates and assets with a high quality fire detection system, including alarm panels, smoke detectors, pull stations and annunciation devices. Alert employees and customers of the threat of fire with onsite emergency notifications.

GET Fire Security Protection Today!